A Ship That Floats On Bubbles

A new ship idea has come afloat called the Bubbling Ship, a concept designed by Yoshiaki Kodama, director of the Advanced Maritime Transport Technology Department at Japan’s National Maritime Research in Tokyo.

ship on bubbles

The ship works by blowing bubbles from slits near the bow of the ship. The bubbles travel along the hull, reducing friction and thus, increase gas mileage. Since ships are one of the largest consumers of diesel fuel in the world, this idea is meant to get some attention along with some other ideas like boats attaching a giant wind turbine or adding parachute-like sails on the ship to increase efficiency.


2 Responses to “A Ship That Floats On Bubbles”

  1. This already exists (albeit only on smaller craft); it’s called a boston whaler, and the hull is shaped so that it rides on a layer of bubbles.

  2. Didn’t they used to do this in WW2 so that U-boats could hear hull & propeller noise less?

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