Best of Green Design 2008

Popular Mechanics just published their March 2008 issue The Best of Green Design, featuring some of the top green products and projects entering the marketplace. Here we’ve highlighted a few of the items given spotlight in the issue, although we definitely encourage you to check out the rest of the list as they consist of home products ranging from insulation, clay finishes, biofuel and energy reduction systems.

These are some of the ones that ranked high on our list:

Remington PowerMower

Electric alternatives to the typical gas-powered lawnmowers haven’t yet had the same power until now. The much quieter and cleaner Remington PowerMower is strong enough to surpass performance with current models using a 60-volt rechargeable battery that provides an hour of mowing. If you need more time to cut your lawn, it does come equipped with a detachable power cord.


FuelMeister II

Renewal Biodiesel has built a second-generation system that is easier, faster and safer to operate. It takes used cooking oil, lye, methanol, electricity and tap water to churn out up to 80 gallons of clean-burning fuel per day. The fuel can be used to power a car or heat a house for as little as 70 cents per gallon.


LED Downlight

Finally, a LED light that can be placed into the recesses of your home. The LR6 LED downlight provides 60 lumens per watt, 50 percent more than the best compact fluorescent and can fit a standard 6 inch radius can. Although these lights are a bit more expensive running about $125 per light, they will burn for 50,00 hours, five times as long.


C2 Climate Control

Now there is a guilt-free way of managing your indoor air temperature if you’re the only one in the house and confined to a home office. Herman Miller’s C2 climate control uses thermal technology to blow a jet of warm or cool air into your workspace. It will also filter for particles such as pet dander, dust and pollen. All using a tenth of the energy of the average space heater.


Recycled Paper Countertop

Discovered while performing her grad school project, Amee Quiriconi stumbled upon a product that substitutes shredded paper instead of quarried stones for countertops. Quiriconi started with paper that couldn’t be recycled due to it being crosscut by shredders, added cement, crushed glass and coal fly ash from an electric plant in her home state of Washington. After stirring, grinding and polishing the samples for 18 months, she found a way to make the creation rock hard. Now she has a countertop business utilizing her grad school discovery.


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