Destiny USA in New York

Been in planning for a number of years, the project called Destiny USA is being built in central New York focused on green building and energy.

Sixteen 5KW wind turbines will be placed in the parking lot to produce 64,000 to 84,000 kW hours of clean energy. The turbines are able to operate at low wind speeds of 4 mph and provide about 30% of their energy requirements. More details will be released on additional ‘clean’ energy features since they are targeting to be 100% fossil fuel free. Hopefully details are released very soon.

They are also planning to build a 1,300+ key hotel tower and conference facility which will be also built to LEED Platinum certification (green). The hotel project will generate electricity from solar panels and hydro-electric turbines (from rainwater collected on the roof).

The project plans to be completed in 2012 and will be the tallest building in upstate New York.


Destiny USA

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