Don’t Let Your Dollars Drip Away

Drip drip drip. It’s the sound of money in your pocket, and a more efficient garden.

from USGS

from USGS

Summer is almost here, and with it, watering season. But you can cut down on your waste (and water bills) with a little do-it-yourself project.

I’m talking about drip irrigation. You run water through a plastic tube, with holes in it, depositing drops of H2O only where you need it.

Oregon State University has more information. Experts say that drip irrigation done right delivers water to the root, practically eliminates runoff and can help fight off plant diseases and reduce the need for insecticides.

Drip irrigation systems can range from the extensive (and potentially expensive) to the simple, using a two-liter pop bottle.

I haven’t attempted to build one yet, but my “bigger backyard” brother is planning a project. I’ll let you all know how it comes out.

I welcome comments from folks who’ve already tried this.

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