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Ben Arent, a creative product artist, proposed the making of the Energy Tree that monitors your in-home environmental habits. Currently only a concept, the device would allow us to add efficiency to our use of energy by changing our view of how power is being used.

The Energy tree would actually contain a real tree that depends on the efficiency of the users energy usage. So, if the user is very efficient with energy consumption then the Energy Tree would distribute nutrients and water to the tree for it to flourish and survive. But if the user is inefficient with their energy use, the Energy Tree will malnourish the tree and eventually the tree would die.

How is it supposed to know what you’re doing? Well, the design includes a monitor that tracks and calculates energy consumption of devices connected to the Energy Tree. There is also a control panel to manage power by turning off devices not needed. In addition, there would be a separate measurement to calculate energy consumption from heating and cooling the house.

The device was entered into Microsoft’s Start Something PC design competition and finished as one of the last 34 finalists.



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  1. I get the sense that people who are taking the first steps towards greening their lives would kill a lot of bonsai trees before they figure the whole efficiency thing out. I do like how this product promotes efficiency and conservation, and it would be interesting to see one first hand.

  2. This new invention could work. It gives people feedback on what they are doing and makes them conscious of their impact on the environment at the same time. It is also a good demonstration and teaching tool. I see it being used in schools, corporate offices, and other places where people can view it openly, like in a mall or a museum. It will surely help people do what’s right without tightening their belts.

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    How to cut energy use without sacrificing:

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  3. Thanks for the post Got2BeGreen. You came up on my google alerts today. I’m a 4th year Product Design student, and I’m currently trying to find industrial sponsorship to get this product into production for my final year project.

    If you know, or any of your readers know of any compays that would be willing to assist in making the energy tree a reality than please get in touch. Contact details are on my website.

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