Fab Tree Hab Graft Structure

eco treehouses

Tree houses have definitely changed over the years from being that carefree childhood memory away from mom and dad to being an eco-friendly main home, holiday getaway or meditation retreat for adults.

Innovative designers have come up with a new type of tree house called the Fab Tree Hab. The design concept is supposed to run off 100% living nutrients and utilize ancient techniques that weave together living branches and trunks to create walls and ceilings. The walls are woven from vines, soy-based plastic windows, tile flooring and solar hot-water heating to warm the house through radiator-like floor pipes. Also the whole tree house is supposed to be self-sustaining, so the structure is supposed to feed and be fed by its natural surroundings. What a tree house to have in your backyard!


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  1. hi: im an industrial design student from de second year, and im realy interested
    in obtain information about eco design couse as u i want to aplly my knowledge in order to know how made products whith enviroment concience and sustainable proceses thanks for reading me, and i hope you can send me some info about your job, or published here in the page and the images of your concepts it would be great

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