Green Light Purifies


The Green Light Design is one of many environmentally friendly design products developed by the Experimental Design Lab. Combining a solar powered LED bulb and living plants puts an end to energy consuming machines that claim to do the same job. These two items can purify the air within your home in a smart and innovative way.

The eco-friendliness of this product doesn’t stop there…The materials used to make the device are made fully from recycled and recyclable materials. Truly a great green design.

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  1. Hi Susan

    I read one of your articles and I would like to contact you. I did not find any other way except through leaving a comment.


  2. Um… this product is really cool! Looks pretty too. Question is how to keep the kids hands out of it.

  3. i would really love to have one in my room! ;)

  4. [...] Susan shows us a really cool living light air purifier. [...]

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