Hydro-Net Vision of the Future


If it was up to IwamotoScott Architects to remake the city of San Francisco, they would re-make to be very “green” and futuristic.

Known as the Hydro-Net, the stunning and over the top design won the History Channel’s City of the Future competition which won them the $10,000 grand prize.

“Hydro-Net” includes the most innovative and ground-breaking green technologies to work with San Francisco’s micro-climate by introducing algae-harvesting towers, fog catchers to distill fresh water from San Francisco’s fog and geothermal energy ‘mushrooms’. The designers included a network of underground and above ground system to meet movement needs of both people, water, energy and even hover-cars throughout the city. The geothermal resources beneath San Francisco would be used for a source of water and power while ponds and algae would produce hydrogen. The walls of the network would consist of carbon nanotubes to store and distribute the hydrogen produced by the algae. Hydrogen would be used to fuel the hover-cars in the underground tunnels.

Think it’s out of the question to build a network like this? Well the designers and partners of the design firm don’t think so. It would be great to actually see something this beautiful be produced.



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