Mile High Tree Tower

mile high ultima tower

Wow, this new green design looks like a volcano but works like a tree, per the architect Eugene Tsui. The enormous 2-mile high volcanic tower concept called the Ultima Tower takes inspiration from the natural world by borrowing design principles from trees and living systems to reduce our carbon footprint by being a very tall eco-city.

With the expected population growth to become much larger occurring across the world, we are expected to see in the next 7 years, 22 megacities across the world have populations which exceed 10 million people, per the UN (via Inhabitat).

The Ultima Tower eco-city is designed to be resourcefully use the earth’s surface and allows sustainable distribution of resources. The building would utilize integrated photo-voltaic solar cells and wind turbines to meet its electrical energy requirements. In addition the tower would use Atmospheric Energy Conversion by using the differences in atmospheric pressure at the bottom and top of the tower and convert this differential into electrical power. The designers are working on basic “tree” principles to work out a method of carrying water from the bottom to the top of the tower, utilizing water potential differences between the 2 points.

Additional features would include 144 elevators, reflected mirrors to bring direct sunlight into the building, open garden balconies and much more..

mile high ultima tower
mile high ultima tower

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  1. really ugly tower but i guess they were looking for a “green” look, but im sure the UAE will eventually think of sumthing better, hands down tho this tower is imprssive

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