Moonlight Controlled StreetLights


In some places, it isn’t necessary to have streetlights when the full moon is shining bright.

Currently only a design idea, the Lunar-Resonant Street Light is a smart solution to areas that receive a decent amount of moonlight at night. This cool idea, senses the amount of light reflected by the moon and dims according to its moon phase.

According to the designers, the lights used are highly efficient white-LED clusters which are 90 to 95 percent more energy efficient than standard street lights.

Civil Twilight Design Collective via Sci Fi

One Response to “Moonlight Controlled StreetLights”

  1. Well now this is a rather fascinating idea. I think a small solar panel would make it even more attractive.
    For some reason I don’t see this catching on in an urban residential area since deciding which districts or streets of a city to darken might be up for some debate. But for all of those thousands upon thousands of street lights lined along rural roads, these would be of some benefit.

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