Saverclip Measures Energy Consumption


Looking for another way to save money on your electricity bill? Designer Lee Young Don, has delightfully created a clothespin-like devices which easily latches onto any power cable to determine energy usage by measuring electromagnetic fields emitted by the electronics. Efficiently, it also runs (recharges) off those very same electromagnetic fields.

The LCD displays the ‘usage’ information clear enough for ANYONE to understand how much power is being used, wasted or potentially be saved otherwise.



One Response to “Saverclip Measures Energy Consumption”

  1. It’s certainly nifty looking, but I’ve never understood the logic of these devices. They use more energy to tell you how much energy you’re using. I suppose if you really have rampant energy usage, it could help, but I know around here all the houses have power meters anyway, so if you want to know how much energy you’re using, you just go outside and check.

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