Eco-Friendly Robots

Technological advancements have taken us to something great - a solar powered rollerblading robot which amusingly looks sorta like George Bush in a Roman warrior outfit and feral pollution sniffing robot dogs!

There are so many innovative green inventions popping up nowadays. One inventor, Bob Schneevis who is also a neurology professor at Stanford has created a solar powered chariot that uses two 24-volt batteries to power itself.

To move, the robot powers forward using its legs in a rollerblading motion to tow the 2-wheeled chariot. Something for the future? Well, it definitely looks like a smooth ride and would be a neat way to travel to a grocery store. Imagine that.

Check out his video…

The robot dog invention sends me back a few years to those trendy robot toy dogs. If you still have yours you might be interested to learn they could be converted into be a pollution sniffing dog. Natalie Jeremijenko designed a way to refurbish old toy robotic toys to give them a new purpose. Once converted the new pups can sniff out harmful VOCs, ozone, and other environmental toxins. The robotic dogs are designed to patrol public areas like schools, industrial sites and parks to increase media attention on the issue of containments in our public areas.

I want one….


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  1. well, the robot is quite rather creative

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