The Ecopod, Reshaping the Future


With everyone making an extreme effort to be more green, why not take care of your last day? The British designer, Hazel Selina, has used her background in natural birth to turn her attention to deaths impact on the planet by creating the Ecopod. What she discovered in London through her own research, that 89% of coffins used every year (about 600,000) are made from chipboard covered with laminate which isn’t the greatest product to bury in the soil. Instead, the Ecopod is an eco-friendly option which is made from naturally hardened, 100% recycled paper ideal for a non-toxic burial.

Ecopod has 3 eco-options available: Silk Screened, Golf Leafed or Arka Acorn Urn. The Silk Screened (seen below) is overlaid with handmade Thai paper with the option of 4 colors. The “creme de la creme” Gold Leaf Ecopod is gilded in gold leaf and sealed with natural shellacs, while the interior is lined with feathers at the color of your choice. The ARKA Acorn Urn uses the same principles as the EcoPod and is overlaid in moss green, hand made paper…while, being shaped like an Acorn (see above photo).

ecopod coffin

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  1. I like the idea but the design needs work, I honestly wouldn’t want to be buried in something that looks like what’s in the picture above. If it used the same materials but had a more traditional style I’d be all over it.

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