The Hot Wall Ceramic Heater


Designed to maximize energy efficiency, the Wall Ceramic Heater concept comes from the designer Andrey Vostrikov who claims a better heating time and measurable noise reduction with the device. The Wall Ceramic Heater can also generate negative ions (to give a tropical rain forest feeling) and comes with built-in LED lights.


4 Responses to “The Hot Wall Ceramic Heater”

  1. Please quote us on a wall ceramic heater. I work in a shed which I am about to convert into an office. Thank you.

  2. Please send a quote and details. I am storing belongings of my son. Need to have it dry. Shed 12′ by 22′ and Insulated Thank you.

  3. Price and running costs please for ceramic wall heater for a new (not yet built) garden studio 2.8m x 4.8m. Thanks

  4. Hi, could you please send me the cost price of the ceramic wall heater. I want to heat a 40 square foot cabin. I may nee more than one. Not sure how they work or running cost of them.

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