The World’s First Self-Refrigerating Cans!


Created by Tempra Technology and Crown Holdings, the world’s first self-chilling can is near completion to commercialize and market to top beverage companies.

Also known as I.C.Can™, the self-contained can uses the latest in insulating, thermal and vacuum heat pump technology. There is no need for this cold beverage to sit in a refrigerated vending machine. Each of the cans are able to take the form of a 500 ml beverage can to include both the integral self-refrigerating device and the beverage.

In just three minutes, the latest breakthroughs in technology drop the can’s temperature to a minimum of 16.7° Celsius or 30° Fahrenheit. When activated, the desiccant contained within a vacuum draws the heat from the beverage through the evaporator into an insulated heat-sink container. The patented vacuum power that lowers the temperature so quickly is what leaves the beverage cool.

The cans are non-toxic, 100% safe and eco-friendly. Per the company, they are also easy to operate, transport and store, using no carbon dioxide, CFC, HFC or any other compressed gas.


Tempra Technology

4 Responses to “The World’s First Self-Refrigerating Cans!”

  1. Pretty cool. I wonder how cost-efficient they’ll be, though? I mean, I could see how they would reduce the need for large refrigerators, but if the cost-per-can is too high, they won’t catch on. I like the design though.

  2. We are intererested in working with you in the distribution of this amaizing eco product , in south america starting with Colombia. thank you
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