To Save Us, Polar Cities


Created by “visionary futurist” Dan Bloom, the first model polar city is to begin construction in 2012 in Norway with volunteer testing occupancy starting in 2015. Built for “possible survivors of global warming” in the distant future, the Polar City was built in the event of a catastrophic global warming event requiring humankind to find refuge.

The founder of the Polar Cities Research Institute, led by Dan Bloom, have made contact with British, American, Japanese, and UAE private investors interested in the project. The first model will be built in Longyearbyen, Norway. To see more illustrations, visit his site.

2 Responses to “To Save Us, Polar Cities”

  1. Polar cities images are a wake up call to fight global warming! If we all band together now to fight global warming, now, not later, now, then maybe these polar cities won’t be necessary. Ever. That’s the idea behind these images. An alarm bell. Ticking.

  2. In the midst of doing some reading online the other day, a certain
    phrase popped out at me from a press release from an Australian green
    group that spoke about a “safe-climate future” in an article by Ryan
    King headlined “Scientists target safe-climate future”.

    The term SAFE CLIMATE jumped out at me, as I saw its similarities to
    SAFE SEX as a PR catchword, so I began to try to formulate a way to use
    this in a good way for climate activists. I came up with the concept
    of “safe-climate lifestyle” as a term to mean living a lifestyle that
    recognizes that global warming is real and trying to leave as small a
    carbon footprint as possible and working in whatever ways one feels
    are important to help mitigate the problems we are now facing.

    So a question to those reading this blogpost: for feedback. Does this have a good ring
    to it, sound good, should we try to make this term popular among green
    activists and the media?

    As in: “Local citizens gather to discuss
    safe-climate lifestyles” (as a headline in a local newspaper in
    Anytown, USA).

    I like it. What do you think? COMMENTS BELOW APPRECIATED OR EMAIL ME at danbloom {one word, no space) in the GMAIL place. You know how that works. Go!

    – Danny Bloom


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