Green Entrepreneurs Think Outside of the (Cardboard) Box

Green Lifestyles - Green Entrepreneurs Think Outside of the (Cardboard) Box, green moving, box rentalCousins Tom and Bob Cannon find it hard to believe that — until now — there hasn’t really been a good alternative to using cardboard. In fact, “We’ve been using the same environmentally unfriendly materials for the past several hundred years,” says Tom.

That’s why Tom, 34, and Bob, 40, founded BungoBox a year and a half ago. “We rent plastic, recyclable moving boxes as a way to help keep waste out of our landfills,” says Tom.After all, only half of the cardboard Americans use actually gets recycled. And since the average American moves more than 16 times in a lifetime, all the bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts and boxes really add up.

Essentially, customers rent BungoBoxes and other moving equipment from the company, which are then delivered to their doorstep prior to their move. Once a customer completes their move, the company will drop by their new address to pick up the rented BungoBoxes.

The simple concept has been a hit, and BungoBox plans on opening several franchise locations in 2011. “It ends up being a no-brainer for customers because not only are you creating a zero-waste move, it’s also cheaper than buying the alternative — cardboard,” says Tom.

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