1,200 Free Trees Available for Adoption

new york trees

1,200 FREE trees are available to NYC homeowners and families during the month of May. Trees are limited to one tree per household and required to register their new tree with www.milliontreesnyc.org, which is a citywide, public-private initiative with an ambitious goal to plant and care for one million new trees across the city’s five boroughs by 2017.

Here are the following locations and dates for those in the NYC area and want to adopt a free tree.

Saturday, May 10th - 8am to 2pm at Borough Hall CENYC Greenmarket - Staten Island St. Mark’s and Hyatt

Saturday, May 10th - 8am to 2pm at Grand Army Plaza CENYC Greenmarket - Brooklyn Prospect Park NW Entrance

Saturday, May 17th - 8am to 2pm - Inwood CENYC Greenmarket- Upper Manhattan Isham St - Seamon & Cooper

Saturday, May 17th - 8am to 2pm - Sunnyside CENYC Greenmarket - Queens Skillman between 42nd and 43rd Streets

Sunday, May 18th - 8am to 2pm -Riverdale YM-YWHA Environmental Fair - Bronx 5625 Arlington Avenue at 256th Street

Limited quantities of the following species of trees will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis: Dogwood, Red Bud, Cherry, Crabapple, Service Berry, Linden, Oak, Sweetgum, Tulip Poplar and Buckeye.

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