BioFuel EarthRace To Take Off Next Year


Early next year an eco-friendly winged speedboat called Earthrace aims to speed across 26,000 miles in only 65 days.

The skipper Pete Bethune from New Zealand, plans to rely on biofuel to power the 78 foot vessel from Valencia towards Singapore and back. Currently the circumnavigation record stands at 74 days, 23 hours and 53 minutes which ran on conventional fuel in 1998.

Many obstacles run in the way of completing the journey safely, as the pounding ways are said to be quite brutal and violent sometimes yielding 12 meter waves. The pounding from the waves actually left one crew member with kidneys so bruised he urinated blood for 10 days…ouch.

Bethune who was a former oil industry worker has had a change of heart and has embraced plant power. By making this record-breaking journey, he hopes to raise awareness of the alternative types of energy which in-turn could make them more readily available to everyone.


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3 Responses to “BioFuel EarthRace To Take Off Next Year”

  1. Now that is what I call a boat! SF is my backyard, cant wait to see it.

  2. World first we think an Internet TV that is following the race & tour with videos covering the history leading ypto this amazing world record attempt with Bio fuels & net zero cabon WOW

  3. It has taken off now the race has started 27/04/08 go to to see how its thundering around the Globe for a better planet.

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