Disney Rewarding Green Ideas

disney green challenge

What are you doing to take part in the green movement? Disney wants to know.

If you think you have a unique green idea, Disney encourages you to share how you’ve made your home, work or community more eco-friendly. If your idea is the winner, you could win $5,000 on DisneyFamily.com

The new green living contest is specifically designed for those doing more to make their life and the community more green by “reducing, reusing, recycling and rebuilding”.

To enter the contest visit: http://family.go.com/contests/green-living-contest/ There will be 6 winners split between the Editors’ Choices Grand Prize Winners, selected by the Disney Family.com staff, and the Voters Choice First Place Winners, chosen by Disney Family.com registered visitors, who can vote once a day on eligible entries. Three categories are available to win: home, work or community ideas. $5,000 will be awarded to the Editors’ Choices Winners and $1,000 for each Voters’ Choices Winners.

The contest is open now through March 31, 2008 at midnight. I’ve already submitted my green idea!

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