San Diego’s EarthWorks Brings in Many Visitors

One of the world’s largest annual environmental fairs and Earth Day is created by San Diego EarthWorks, which is a committed network of volunteers interested in a healthy and sustainable future for all living things.

Held at the Balboa Park, San Diego the EarthFair 2008 had a great turn out yesterday. Many people came to celebrate being green, find out how to make their business eco-friendly or have fun in the sun listening to a number of bands playing throughout the large event.

The event brought out quite a few interesting displays:

The CAFLY, is a hybrid gasoline and electric powered vehicle, created back in the 1970’s. Built to run using three different power configurations (gasoline, electric, hybrid), modifications and improvements have been made ever since 1970. The hybrid gasoline and electric engine is designed for maximum fuel efficiency (of course), but the designers take an additional step and include a special overall design to enhance CAFLY’s aerodynamics. The latest improvements include the a new top-mounted web-shaped spoiler wing which extends and retracts radially, tilting forward to act as an air brake and a 4th generation, air and liquid-filled 360 degree “wraparound” bumper. The ‘green’ space-ship vehicle has the ability to reach a top speed of 80mph.



Called the Twike, the 2006 German-made, Swiss-design, 3-wheeled vehicle is able to travel 30 to 50 per charge and is capable of reaching 53 mph. Of course, it looks like it can only hold 2 people…2 small people.


Now, comes Bamboo Power. The author of the site and who sells information on the power and versatility of Bamboo, had some fun with the display van. Interestingly the display van is constructed out of bamboo, a panda and tiki torches…


Pleasantly, there were tons of places to recycle… Funny enough, it was almost confusing at first (I saw some puzzled faces as people had to actually think before tossing) but definitely organized… There was a place for your recyclables (glass, plastic and aluminum), a separate container for trash only and another for food waste only.


And finally…Storm Troopers attended the event (I think I counted 9). Did they mix up Comic Con weekend with Earth Day? Comic Con isn’t for another 3 months!! (**I don’t know who the other people are in the photo).


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  1. Susan:

    I am not using Firefox and it was hard to find your blog on Google. I love the post on this San Diego event. Really kewl cars.

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