Eco-Friendly bioME5 Alphabet Project


bioME5,an eco-friendly children’s company, has released its “much anticipated” infant version of their popular Alphabet t-shirt line. Founded by two architectural designers in Venice, CA, the designers wanted to connect the beauty of nature with learning for children to appreciate the beautiful natural world around them. The clever upside writing on the shirts and infant onesies allow children to view the word ‘K’ right side up, but the corresponding animal ‘Kangaroo’ is spelled upside for the child to read while looking down at their shirt. The new BioME5 onesies (size 3 to 6 months and 6 to 12 months) are 100% certified, undyed/unbleached organic cotton and made in sweatshop-free facilities. The onesies are even tagless, preshrunk and the founders even took care of making the packaging by using biodegradable plastic bags that will take as little as 9 months to biodegrade.


The new bioME 5 Alphabet infant onesies retail for $32 (with FREE shipping online) and the original toddler short sleeve tees remain at $32 at You can also find the Alphabet line at specialty boutiques such as Crib in Beverly Hills, Blush in New York, Sit Still in Portland and the The Glitter Box in Phoenix.

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