Environmentally Friendly & Fashionable Leather Goods

“Begooddesigns.com was created to promote mindful consumption, merging design with social and environmental awareness.” From the materials used; the suppliers they work with; and their labor relationships, Begooddesigns guarantees that their final products fully incorporate an ecological vision. Each product is handmade using 100% recycled leather. The leather comes from salvaged car seats, armchairs and other decorative leather articles. Instead of burning these items and releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere, the leather is collected and then hand woven to create shoes, bags and jewelry. Each item is made in Uruguay, South America. The company invests in the training of local producers and artisans and helps them gain access to international markets. According to their website, “We want to provide a tool that will help them build their future, grow as a community and, in many cases, escape poverty”

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