Kermit Had It Right

kermitSometimes it is very hard to do the “green thing”.

For instance, last night while I was out shopping, I tried to find some new sulfate-free shampoo and possibly conditioner.   I found some, but it was more than twice as much as the brand’s “regular” shampoo and conditioner.  My family and I have used the “Yes To” line of organic products for a long time, so I checked that out, too, but the price had increased sharply since the last time I bought it - and it was never cheap to begin with, which is why I wanted to find another option in the first place – so it was no more affordable than the other. Those were the only two options I could find, so I left without shampoo.

Being green often means being faced with tough choices.

Do I buy the more expensive shampoo? Or save the money by buying the non-green kind and use the money to buy the more expensive non-polluting laundry “soap”(nuts)?

Should I stop using paper towels? Or will the increased amount of laundry I have to do counterattack the positive effects of the saved paper?

Do I buy the used item to save it from the landfill and save the pollution caused by making a new one? Or do I buy the new item that is more efficient and saves energy?

Does anything green I try to do really matter when there is oil pouring into the ocean?

I think the only real answer that we have to try to do as well as we can, choose the option that is the better for us and the environment, even if that means it isn’t necessarily the best choice for either.

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  1. Well put Eloah. It’s called good old common sense. Make sensible choices that are good for you while being good for the environment. If we ALL did that the environment would profit from it. It’s the extremes that don’t work well. A few laying themselves on the line while others pour oil into the ocean - There’s a huge discrepancy there…

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