A Few Solar Wear For Women

There are quite a few wearable solar items being produced as of late. Some more fashionable than others, but all with a alternative energy goal in mind to power your devices. Although, I can’t personally say I will be caught wearing 2 of the 3 designs shown.

Solar Bikini

The Solar Bikini is designed to power up an iPod or cell phone and made for those who like to get sun but don’t want to get wet at the beach. The suit is custom made with 1″ x 4″ photovoltaic film strips sewn together, pumping 5 volts of power into a USB connection.


The Solar Swimsuit

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of lingerie and swimwear, Triumph International has created a Solar Swimsuit with photovoltaic cell manufacturer Conergy, that may be going commercial as part of Triumph’s 2007 collection. The solar panels on the front, harness enough solar energy to charge small gadgets such as a cell phone or an iPod.


Juice Bag

Marketed towards chicks who frequently attend the beach, the Juice Bag is a large tote large enough to hold a beach towel, second change of clothes, reading material and sun block. It can be used to power your cell phone, iPod or camera thanks to its solar panels.


[Solar Bikini]
[Solar Swimsuit]
[Juice Bag]

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