The Solarjo Power Purse

Power Purse This bag + the Sun = Power for your gadgets.  What woman doesn’t love purses?  This one is awesome!  The Solarjo Power Purse is a black purse that is covered with laminated solar panels which are resilient to scratches and punctures.  The purse is padded on the inside and has a zipper for security. The solar panels resemble very thin camera film and are separated by white lines.  The purse has a built in USB port which is the conduit between the solar power and the item that is being charged. It is designed so that it can sit on a windowsill or be left on the seat of a car to charge.  After 2 hours of full sunlight, the bag can charge a mobile phone battery, MP3 Player, or small camera. This is all the information that we could find for now but we will update this post as soon as additional information is available.  Stay tuned… Source

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