Green Gift Wrapping

After Black Friday and all the weekend Thanksgiving sales, it’s time to begin wrapping everything we bought.  Gift wrapping can be green.  We found the following green ways to wrap gifts.

Reusable cloth bags - $7.95 - $8.50
Envirosax bags are really beautiful and can be used all year long. Bring It in a Bag bags also make wonderful holiday wraps.

Reusable shopping bag - $.99
Available at almost any grocery store.

Holiday gift bags - free
Reuse the bags from gifts people have given you

Reused gift wrap - free
Fold it up, and put it in a box so it can easily be found and reused next year.

New recycled gift wrap
Pristine Planet offers recycled, recylable paper online. If you’re buying when you’re at the mall, ask the sales clerk for the most eco-friendly option they sell.

Kitchen Towels
Ideally, these towels would be made from organic cotton, but anything reusable is a good choice.

Rather than wrap an entire box, tie a decorative scarf around the box and attach a tag made from a recycled gift card.

As for gift tags, re-use last year’s holiday cards. Cut off the card that has the signature, thread a ribbon through a corner of the remaining card, and voila!

One caveat about any kind of printed wrapping paper: the inks and foils used in wrapping paper may contain chemicals that become toxic when burned. If you can’t reuse the paper, don’t burn it: recycle it


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