Health Kitchenware for Kids

Child's Stainless Steel Dish SetWe were contacted recently by Healthy Kitchenware and asked to try a couple of their products. One was a 3-piece children’s dish set (plate, bowl & mug). As soon as I saw it, each piece decorated with Mara the Frog, I new it was time again to enlist the services of my 4-year-old daughter. I couldn’t help but notice that Mara bore a striking resemblance to her favorite stuffed animal, Froggy.

Of course the set was a big hit with Reilly and she used at least one piece everyday. Each piece has a stainless steel interior and a polypropylene outer-shell. The sturdy design keeps hot things hot and cold things cold and cleans up in a snap; though it is not meant for the dishwasher.

When I first received the set I thought the pieces were a bit large but Reilly has had no problem handing either the bowl or the mug. Since food only comes in contact with the stainless steel I feel confident that no harmful chemicals are leaching into her food.

Though not inexpensive at $28.99 per set, this is certainly a one-time purchase. I fully expect that Reilly will grow out them before their time is done and will likely pass it on the next child.

Mara is also available on a set of cereals bowls. You can see these and a nice selection of other unique, health kitchenware at

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