Ecologic Summer Camps


This summer kids from Caracas can have fun and learn about environment at the same time.

The State and private companies offer different environmental related activities to kids who stay in Caracas for their summer vacations.. Companies such as Cadbury Adams have recycling as the  theme for vacation plans. Vacations plans are activities offered to the kids of employees. This option is very common in Caracas for those who can’t afford or simply dislike going away to summer camp. Kids from Cadbury will have the opportunity to visit parks and zoos in the metropolitan area, they will learn how to recycle, and they will climb the Ávila Mountain to plant trees.

The main parks in Caracas will also offer vacation plans.  They are set to receive more than a thousand underprivileged kids who will enjoy the activities that the authorities have planned for them. Environmental specialist will be joining the parks employees to teach children about global warming, the importance of recycling and environmental care, as well as biodiversity.  They will also visit the capital zoos

Child care can be a major issue for parents  who must work while their children are out of school. It is important to have programs for those families  who can’t afford vacation plans or summer camps.  They provide child care and give the children something to to with their free time. Vacation plans help kids stay away from drugs and violence.

In those areas where authorities had nothing planned, such as ghetto 23 de Enero, kids took care of creating free ecological fun activities for themselves. In past months I wrote about Ecos 23, a group of kids whose costumes were made out of recycled material for carnival.  These kids also chose to visit their neighbors and talk about environmental issues instead of playing with water and eggs. Well, this summer they organized the first Ecological Fair in the West Park.

Early in the morning more than 100 children from 5 to 15 years old spoke to visitors about the environment in Alí Primera West Park. The message was clear: global warming is affecting us. Usually we don’t care about the environment in Venezuela, using our political issues as an excuse for this. These kids remind us that we only have one planet, and we need to put aside our political differences and take care of it.

* The picture is a view of 23 de Enero guetto from Alí Primera West Park

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