Emergency Solar-Charged LED Lights

The Capsuli is a rechargeable solar powered LED emergency light that charges by being placed on a solar-power charging station embedded with solar cells…attractive to be used during blackouts or emergency situations.

Each light is small but powerful enough to emit light from the palm of your hand. With a quick twist the LED is turned on and will allow enough light to avoid stumbling over yourself. They sorta look like little Tylenol capsules… Currently these are only a concept, so if and when these are put into production, make sure to keep them away from your children. They will need to invest into “child-proofing” this idea….maybe making them a bit larger?



[Yanko Design]

2 Responses to “Emergency Solar-Charged LED Lights”

  1. What a neat concept, but I agree, they really need to be childproofed. Great idea though. :)

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