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Using solar is on step towards being energy independent, but the upfront costs can be somewhat daunting for installations can sometimes run upwards around $20,000 and much more depending on the type of equipment you purchase.

I ran into this group last weekend during my visit at the Enviro Fair in San Diego. The Citizenre Corporation has come up with a wonderful idea to extend the availability of solar panels to just about everyone. To them, if you can afford an electric bill you can certainly afford to go solar. After reading into their program, I agree with them.

They package the solar panel in a very simple way. From their website:

Plainly put, the Citizenre Corporation pays for, installs, owns and operates the solar installation. You don’t have to worry about maintaining the equipment or any of the other concerns that come with making an investment into solar power. All you are required to do is pay for the electricity generated from these panels, at a fixed rate that is at or below your current electricity price, for up to twenty-five years. Just take a look at some of the benefits that our customers will receive:

No upfront investment, no need to become a financial expert to justify your investment.

No waiting for rebates.

No headaches with the city and the utility; let us handle the engineering, procurement, and construction.

Performance-based contract means you only pay for what is delivered. And since the solar power you generate will reduce the need for electricity from your power company, your net payment should always be equal to, or less than, what you’re paying now.

Hassle-free operating and maintenance; it’s handled by the experts.

Actual hedge against future utility price increases: you can “lock in” your rates for the electricity generated from the solar system at your home for a period of up to twenty-five years, far longer than the guaranteed rates offered by other electricity providers.

How does it work?
You are essentially renting the solar equipment instead of investing your money into purchasing, installing, and maintaining your own equipment. Citizenre will rent the panels to you at a fixed-rate for whatever contract period you agree to sign-up for and this is where the great part comes in, the fixed-rate is equal to your utility’s retail electricity rate at the time you sign up. What does that mean? It means you get to lock in your electricity rate TODAY. So when your utility company decides to raise your rates up, you won’t have to pay the extra amount. Make sense?

No large investment needs to be made and no maintenance fees. Sounds like quite a deal.

The actor, Ed Begley is the spokesperson for ReThink Solar and gives a short review of the reasons why we should be going solar. Check out the video if you’re interested.


To learn more about their product and look into receiving this service yourself visit their site.

8 Responses to “Free Solar For Life”

  1. Very cool. Too bad I’m on a boat with sufficient panels.

  2. I’m just spitballing here, but I believe the reason solar energy has not quite touch off is that you don’t see big business, or the media selling it as an alternative. The more promotion of it, the greater the impetus would be for private citizens to go into such companies…

    Honestly a great corporation would have to infuse, solar, water, air products together as an environmentally conscious group. Capital…and ROI are the hold ups. Just not enough turnaround on big capital going into it, from what I’ve heard.

    Until that happens, you’ll get only the fringe thinkers and people with a conscience about the Environment.

  3. Thanks for covering this story. I believe that when people have a choice to do the right thing and save a little money too, then adoption of green products will accelerate tremendously.

  4. Hi Jason - Until recently there hasn’t been much focus from big businesses to go green, until recently. Google installed a large amount of solar panels on top of their corporate office in hopes of generating enough electricity for some of its offices. The are definitely leading the way. But you are right, it won’t be until a lot more of the big guys start to get involved in making their businesses green that it would reach a larger group of consumers and possibly push them to make greener choices.

  5. Although you lose the long-term financial benefits of going solar ( initial investment for long-term free energy - woo! ), I think this is a great way for people to make a change. Basically it’s a no-cost green upgrade, that doesn’t inconvenience anyone in any way. It could potentially reach a lot of people who wouldn’t normally consider or be able to go solar.

  6. These are the ideas that finance genius. Going green, ie. hydrogen, solar, etc, must start in the home for the new vehicles that are fuel cell powered to become successful. Our going green as a country is what will keep us out of World War III with ridiculous countries like Iran that only get the money to do the things they wish from oil. We save more than the environment by supporting companies like this.

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