Inflatable Solar Produces Power For Much Less


New technology called Inflatable Solar Concentration, promises much cheaper solar energy without being stalled by future technology issues or production problems. It is currently being developed by a California based company Cool Earth, which promises to reduce the cost of solar greatly…almost 25 times less from $5.00 per watt to about 20 cents.

Inflatable Solar works by concentrating light and focusing it onto photovoltaic cells, increasing the energy impacting the cells many times over and cutting the cost of solar energy. It’s built in a 2 meter wide bubble design to protect the mirrors delicate surface from damage, such as rain, insects and dirt, including withstanding wind speeds of 130 miles per hour.

Each series of concentrators are suspended on support cables to restrain movement of the collectors. Space to place the bulbs isn’t an issue, as they are supported on grid poles in which regular activities like farming can be continued.

The system is patent pending.


3 Responses to “Inflatable Solar Produces Power For Much Less”

  1. This is so promising! I find it interesting that those bubbles can withstand 130 mph winds. Amazingly clever. :)

  2. Wow - now that is something worthwhile coming out of California! Finally the US will be able to compete with the cutting edge green tech coming out of Europe.

  3. What a great idea! How many do I need to power my house?

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