Solar Film On Every House


Nanosolar has an innovative product that could practically place solar cells on every home or building.

The product is versatile and can be simply rolled out as a thin film type sheet in which a microscopic layer of solar cells are ‘printed’. The panels are lighter, less expensive but just as efficient as traditional solar panels. Nanosolar is claiming to produce enough solar film to generate 430 megawatts of electricity in one year which is four times the amount produced by all the solar plants in the United States combined.

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Nanosolar may provide an answer to making it possible for every home or building to use a solar panel. The technology is cost-efficient because the new method allows for a mass-production of the devices. It has shown enough promise that they’ve even received money from Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin for the project.

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  1. Its dream time !!

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