Solar Powered Laser Promising Unlimited Energy


The Tokyo Institute of Technology has created a solar-powered laser which claims to provide unlimited energy from a practically never-ending source: Magnesium.

The element Magnesium has 10 times the energy storage density of hydrogen. Over 1,800 trillion metric tons can be readily found in sea water.

The idea behind this innovation is to make a laser so powerful to combust the magnesium content of seawater, which would produce extreme heat, hydrogen and magnesium oxide. The heat could then be used to power turbines and the hydrogen could power hydrogen-based car engines. According to Takashi Yabe, a professor of mechanical engineering and science at the Tokyo Institute, the magnesium oxide resulting from the reaction could get recycled into magnesium again.

There are solar lasers already in existence but Yabe’s group has developed a compact laser that performs threefold over the other designs due to the amount of power delivered. Mainly due to the different type of lenses used and increased range of the light spectrum available to create more efficient results.

The Institute is the first to use Fresnel lenses in a unique way that can focus 80% of the ambient light. The amazing power behind these lenses is that it increases exponentially - with every 1.3 meter squared lens they get a 25 watt laser. Professor Yabe’s group is expecting to yield 300 to 400 watts with 4 meter squared Frensel lens.


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