Solar Powered Lighter


A company based in Portugal has created a lighter powered by the sun. The solar powered lighter doesn’t create an open flame as typical lighters but instead creates a series of sparks without any fuel.

The device uses a built-in solar panel that utilizes sunlight or artificial light to charge up internal Li-ions and with a flick, the device produces a series of sparks. The lighter can also act as a survival tool if you’re out camping…no worries that the lighter will run out of fluid. For $19 US Dollars, you have a solar powered lighter that is environmentally friendly and is equipped with a bottle opener on one end.


4 Responses to “Solar Powered Lighter”

  1. Great. Good work

  2. interesting

  3. interesting

  4. I love to collect lighters and this is a special one, powered by solar cells…(my weak point, though)

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