Solar-Powered Taxi to be First to Travel the World


Louis Palmer, a Swiss teacher, could make history by driving his blue and white solar-powered car around the world. The car which can reach up to 55 miles per hour, started in Lucerne back in July and has now reached Bali, Indonesia.

Powered by a three-wheeled car towing a trailer with 6 square meters of solar panels, the car has traveled a third of the way, about 8,950 miles through 17 nations. When the trip is completed, the car will be a first to have driven around the world without any petrol.

Currently a pricey vehicle (Palmer equates it to costing close to 2 Ferrari’s); if replicated the 65-square foot trailer would cost approximately $8,900 if mass produced.



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  1. Jolly good show. Science has epoched the oil barons. Now try stuffing a pampered overweight, aggressive, greedy American housewife into the thing for the second miracle.

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