Solar Trees in Vienna


A design called the Solar Tree, developed by Ross Lovegrove, will continue being presented to the public till October 28th in Vienna. In collaboration with ARTEMIDE, a leading specialist for innovation in lighting, and Sharp Solar, a global leader for solar cells, Ross was able to develop cutting-edge modern lighting to adapt to the culture’s future eco-needs.

The tree is made of steel pipes, each supporting a light bubble. Thirty-eight solar cells reside inside the bubble which are connected to a battery system and to an electronic device within the base.



3 Responses to “Solar Trees in Vienna”

  1. These are so beautiful! These lightpoles are a perfect example of bringing together green technology and beauty. Awesome!

  2. Another fine example of what we are capable. We have the technology, solar power, wind power (the Dutch have been using this for years),research is being done to harness tide flow, to name just a few.Our civilization is capable of so much. We need not rely on non renewal sources of energy.Congratulations on your presentation Mr. Lovegrove.

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