Third Largest Solar Plant in the World


A 400-acre, 54 MW plant provides clean energy to more than 14,000 homes in Nevada via Acciona’s Nevada Solar One. Considered to be the third largest solar plant in the world, the plant has over 184,000 large mirrors which track the sun’s rays converting heat into clean energy. Fluid heats up to 735°F which flows through more than 18,240 receiver tubes located on the mirror’s focal line to produce steam. The steam in turns drives a conventional turbine that is connected to a generator to produce electricity.

Built on a mission to demonstrate technical and economic stability of sustainable energy, Acciona has successfully met their expectations over the past year. They launched in June of last year.

* Produces power during peak demand with near zero CO2 emissions
* The first concentrating solar power (CSP) plant built in the United States in more than 17 years
* The third largest CSP plant in the world
* Has a nominal production capacity of 64 MW with a maximum capacity of 75 MW
* Produces enough energy to power more than 14,000 households annually
* All of the plant’s electricity production is being sold to Nevada Power Company and Sierra Pacific Power Company under long-term
power purchase agreements (PPAs)


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  1. this will help to save out mother earth

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