What A Let Down, Ugly Solar Car


Yep, a green car…but what a let down. This mini solar racer unfortunately looks very unattractive and fails to inspire most to go out and buy a “green car”. The Prius looks much more stylish and “pimped out” in comparision!

Looking very similar to a golf car without an official name, it’s said to reach a top speed of 44 mph. Designed for the streets of Taiwan, the car uses airplane-grade Nomex homeycomb body, making it a light-weight at only 550 pounds with the seats. Due to its light weight, the vehicle is able to run more efficiently thus only needing a few hours to charge.

With a $24,600 price tag, it’s a bit pricey for the goods.


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  1. i wouldn’t so much mind the look but the price tag… it is a little steep… I buy one if it dropped. At least efforts are being made I suppose? And at present there are not too many alternatives, especially ones that would work in Ireland.

    good post
    slán go foill

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