Is Bottled Water Really Better?

More than ever bottled water is being widely used among people at home, in the gym, at the office and for those on the go. Unfortunately landfills are growing at alarming rates as recycling rates are remaining low. Many plastic bottles end up in these landfills and not sent to a recycling facility. The energy required to manufacture the bottles is astonishing and their production is definitely producing a strain on the environment.

Many have suggested washing out and reusing plastic bottles but as the bottles age they leach more of a substance that makes the bottles flexible (phthalate), therefore rendering them useless for repeated use. To find alternative solutions to the rising issue with leftover bottled plastic containers, many are beginning to steer towards using filtered water. Water filters offer a possible inexpensive solution and can even remove dangerous contaminants from tap water.

Possibly think about either buying something like Sparkletts in bigger reusable containers or buying a water filtration device to ease the strain on landfill accumulation. It may be a less expensive route to getting good water. We can all recycle.

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  1. Thank you! So do you… I used to buy bottled water all the time but I have stopped because it was just a waste and Brita water at home taste just as good. I need to get one of those steel thermos. Ideal Bites has one and I am going to get those for myself and my boyfriend. :) I hope you are well.. visit again soon.

  2. sorry. Ideal Bite..

    I don’t know why but I always say Ideal Bites. doh!

  3. I don’t drink much of bottled water, except when I travel and forgot to bring my own supply of water or when our own water is not enough. I prefer drinking boiled filter water. This way it is much safer. Thanks.

  4. I agree wth Melissa73, in one of my 13 h long train journey I depend only on tea. It seems fine for me rather that bottled water. Plastic bottled water is a kind of poisoned water. Hope soon this malpractice will stop.

  5. The great bonus is that filtered water costs less.

    Another thing to think about…
    Even comparing the taste between different bottling options - glass vs. plastic. There is a difference in taste with water, soda or any other beverage. Coke tastes much better in a glass container, there’s probably a reason for that.

  6. I’m one of those people who use the same beat up plastic bottle that I just keep refilling every day. It never dawned on my that phthalate might be toxic. Does anyone know if it is? I’m going to check out ideal bite!

  7. Bottled water is a travesty. It implies municiple water supplies are bad (99% are not bad and if they are you find out quick enough with “boil” warnings). Bottled water itself can come from any source and in 3rd world countries it often means a poor village’s only natural water source. The bottles of course are a tramendous waste. There is no control over water is actually in the water. Who is to say it has less chemicals and micro-organisms than tap water? What happened to it during shipment? Did it sit in a hot truck breeding for a week? Compared to North American civic supplies, bottled water is a poor choice. But it is often the only choice while travelling. Unfortunately then, as I mentioned, the water source is even more suspect. Google “coca-cola water India” (without the quotes).

    The sad thing is, when travelling you don’t have a choice. I tend to drink locally brewed beer instead of water that way the profits stay local. Otherwise it is coke, then lastly water.

    I really like the beer :)

  8. Actually recent studies have shown that these new plastic bottles may be very harmful to our health. In rats the Phthalate has changed their DNA. They have found that it can cause the rats to become overweight, lazy, and change their costs to appear blond. If you drink bottled drink the glass variety the water tastes better anyway;

  9. evrytime I travel, I always bring with me a bottled water to satisfy my thirst while on journey. After emptying it, I make sure that my waste goes to recyclable container to be recycled. Here in the Philippines, plastics are discriminately thrown in the waste area, thank to the bottom feeders who dig it and profit from it.

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