Greening Your Cat: Easy as ABC

abcpetbanner1Last week I wrote about a large scale local green project, and I am happy to report there is yet another eco-friendly company nearby. ABC Pet in Lewisburg, TN is making pet activity centers, toys, and other cat products from sustainable and recycled materials. They use sisal and carpeting made from recycled bottles, bamboo, and various other eco-conscious resources to make their cat climbers, scratching posts, toys and beds.

I have mentioned other eco-friendly pet products, which are sold at larger the pet retailer stores. Unfortunately, the ABC Pet line is not yet available at stores like PetSmart (FYI: you can use that link to write them to ask if they will start carrying the products & you should get a quick response), though some of their products can be found at Wal-Mart and many can also be found online at Future Pets. The ABC Pet website states they are sold at another online retailer, but I currently get a “site not found” error when I click the link.

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