KidsCraft Playhouses Please Eco-Minded Families

With two moves in the past two years, our family has racked up some good experience when it comes to keeping the little ones occupied. During the first move, I was pleasantly surprised to find my then 3-year-old son immersed in the challenge of creating a submarine out of a cardboard box given to him by one of the movers. He happily ditched the coloring book I’d given him earlier, and went to work on coloring the box instead. When the second move came along, I didn’t waste time with coloring books, I knew my setting aside a few extra boxes would provide a whole lot more fun.

So too, have the award-winning folks over at KidsCraft Playhouses learned. Their own moving experience led them to realize the amazing gift of imagination fostered through their children’s creative play with simple cardboard boxes. This occurrence sparked the creation of their playhouses, providing parents and children with well-designed, eco-friendly, and durable cardboard structures.

KidsCraft currently offers two options, The Shuttle Imagination, $69.95, and The Creation Cottage, $59.95, both of which are made from 100% recycled materials—right here in the USA. We chose the Shuttle Imagination kit, and were impressed with the easy, and well-designed flap and slot assembly, allowing us the freedom to use our intuition (however, assembly instructions are available online at I love that the cardboard pieces come free of extra (and often wasteful) materials like tape or glue, and require no additional cutting.

The Shuttle Imagination took less than 20 minutes to assemble, and before I could say another word, my children, ages 5 and 3, excitedly got to work on making it their own with crayons, markers, stickers, and even glitter. On that first day they spent hours inside their “rocket,” traveling to the Moon, Mars, and even Jupiter, eventually begging me for sleeping bags and pillows, so they could watch the evening stars through the windows of their own space shuttle.

KidsCraft, a new and rising company, believes strongly in providing families with environmentally-friendly products. Additionally, the Atlanta based business contributes to charitable organizations and values the significance of sustainability. Their dedicated responsibility led them to partner with Trees for the Future Foundation, a program that plants one tree for every KidsCraft product sold. For more information about the playhouses, and other KidsCraft products, visit

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