Plant a Tree with a Virtual Forest Survey

virtual forest

Sponsored by the Union Fenosa, the site claims that you can be more energy efficient by just filling out a survey. What can completing a survey do? It can help the environment by absorbing the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions that half a tree absorbs which is 48kg of CO2 each year.

How so?

For each person who completes Bosquevirtual’s simple online survey, Union Fenosa will donate 1 Euro (about $2 US) to Acciónatura, a Spanish organization which will use that money in turn to reforest the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. Union Fenosa is the 3rd largest electricity company in Spain. With the launch of, it definitely sends out the message that they would like to see energy consumers to be more “green” conscious. which means “Virtual Forest” has teamed up with Second Life, a 3D web Mecca for internet socializing. In addition to the donation, for every two surveys completed, a virtual tree is planted in a virtual forest in the Second Life 3D World.

The project is a simple method for a big issue and makes a good effort in raising awareness. The reforestation of the land in Brazil will be greatly valuable to the animal habitat and help assist in absorbing the CO2. The Atlantic Forests is considered to hold the greatest biodiversity on our planet, with over half of the animals threatened on the extinction list residing in that area.

For each user who completes the survey, they will not only get to donate to reforestation and plant a virtual tree, they will also get an email from Union Fenosa, sharing additional ideas on how to save energy in your home. Currently almost 24,000 people have filled out the survey, the equivalent of 12,000 trees.

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