A Deodorizing Notebook Computer?


The latest green initiative from the technology side is a green concept notebook computer called the Anion notebook. The MSI Green Design notebook features the release of high concentration anions for cleaning and purifying the air around you. So if you find that you are in a confined small area, you could enjoy the benefit of clean air just about anywhere.

Using the latest technology, the MSI Anion Notebook Computer can release up to 500 to 50,000 ions/cc (50 cm from the air vent), which is supposedly more than if you were located right next to the mountains or beaches.

In addition, the notebook absorbs dust particles in the air to prevent inhaling into the body and is said to eliminate toxic gases in the air or offensive/foreign smells (phew!) in the air improving living conditions. Guess that helps if you gotta a smelly co-worker. This over-the-top notebook, even has a function to eliminate all smog and second hand smoke in the air.


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