AltusLumen PAD-L Weatherproof Portable LED Light

We just received our AltusLumen PAD-L Weatherproof Portable LED Light in the mail and we love it! This lantern/torch/flashlight features a swivel cover which acts as a stand for hands-free lighting.   Four levels of light intensity can be adjusted and flashing mode (great if the user needs to alert someone) can be set with the touch of a button. This device provides a lot of light. Multi-light intensity adjustment can help to save energy when less light is needed.

It’s water-resistant (not suitable for swimming or diving) construction and portable size make it an excellent companion for outdoor activities. Besides being an LED  light, it’s “green” in the materials that it constructed from:

  • The main housing is made of recycled and recyclable aluminum and polycarbonate
  • PAD-L is over 75% recyclable at the end of its useful life
  • LED is 40% more power efficient and 10 times more durable than fluorescent bulb

PAD-L is powered by replaceable 4 AAA batteries (of course, rechargeable batteries are recommended). Batteries can last up to 100 hours. When the battery is low the battery indicator will flash and the light will also flash for one minute before battery runs out.

For more information visit their site.

2 Responses to “AltusLumen PAD-L Weatherproof Portable LED Light”

  1. This item certainly seems feasible to have. However, you failed to mention a manufacturers suggested retail
    price. Of course, I could access their site if I weren’t so lazy.

  2. This product seems to be very cool. It is also good to know that this product is made from recycled materials. I love products with LED lights and I simply adore this AltusLumen PAD-L Weatherproof Portable LED light!

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