Apple Introduces Its Greenest MacBook Ever

Apple introduces its greenest MacBook ever which when running, uses one quarter of the power that a single light bulb uses. According to John Platt, via, these are some other components that make it the “Greenest MacBook Ever:”

Let’s look at the 13-inch screen first. The computer is free of dangerous chemicals often used in monitors, like PVC, mercury, arsenic and brominated flame retardants. It also employs an LED backlit display, which uses far less energy than other LCD screens.

On the manufacturing and shipping side, the MacBook is made with fewer parts, making it easier to assemble and recycle. Packaging has been significantly reduced (by 41%!) and uses more recycled materials.

There are also several innovations on the hardware and software side that help the computer use far less electricity.

All of these innovations helped the new MacBook earn both an Energy Star rating for energy efficiency and an EPEAT Gold rating for efficiency, manufacturing processes and recyclability.

The new MacBook starts at just $1,299 — a bit high, not bad for a pretty tricked out laptop. Worth a look.


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