Atlas Kinetic Green Phone

atlas kinetic cell phone

Richardo Baiao, the designer of the Atlas Kinetic concept cell phone wants to make a difference. He’s designed a cell phone made from aluminum and glass and runs by using oscillating weight to power a mainspring, similar to what is used in kinetic/automatic watches. The central power unit transforms movement into electricity and supplies power to the phone, thus needing no batteries. When the rotor stops, turn the lateral crown a couple times to give power to the mainspring to turn the phone on again.

atlas kinetic cell phone


4 Responses to “Atlas Kinetic Green Phone”

  1. WoW, that’s an amazing design! If it’s green, even better. I always loved automatic/kinetic watches, but they were/are so very expensive.

  2. Move over startrek!

  3. Lol we’re making one at school

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