If You’re Not Already In Line To Buy An iPhone…


Apple’s iPhone, a highly anticipated hybrid between an iPod and smartphone, is planned to hit the shelves today at 6 p.m. Apple is hoping to keep up with demand, even if they are expecting to have up to 10,000 units on hand at its largest flagship stores and over a million units available throughout retail shops.

With such a high demand for iPhones, it makes you wonder how many cell phones will be tossed in the trash or thrown in a drawer for a later toss. If you are expecting to buy an iPhone, consider recycling your cell phone. There are services out there that will even pay you money to recycle your cell phone. You could try out the internet site Cell For Cash which will accept Motorola, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Siemens Mobile Phones. The cash back could go towards the cost of the new phone.

To donate your phone for free, there are a few services that will recycle them but you won’t be paid anything.

Choosing to either donate or sell your phone to companies who can properly dispose of the device will help reduce e-waste which is the largest contributor to landfill.

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