Charge Up Your Device With The Sun Table


The table pictured above is no ordinary table but a multi-functional power source for electronics. A project by Sudia Design Labs and designed by Devang A. Shah and Michael Low of Brooklyn, the “Sun Table” is an outdoor weatherproof table that can store energy via solar panels on the table.

It’s able to produce enough electricity to power a laptop, TV, DVD player and any other electronic device via a handy inverter which provides 120V AC to allow you to plug into anything. The maximum storage of the battery is 13 amp hours at 12 volts and can be recharged within 3 hours under full sunlight, yielding a couple hours for television and 3 hours of laptop use. To keep a tab on the battery’s energy level, a LED display is featured on the table to keep your battery from being overloaded.

Most of the table consists of aluminum and is delivered in recycled materials. At a price of $3,600 US dollar, the Sun Table is available for pre-order and will ship as soon as March 2008.


Sun Table


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