Corn-Based Laptop by Fujitsu


Fujitsu is making an attempt to bring ‘green’ to the US by developing a new corn-based polymer laptop now on display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Instead of showing off a laptop with plastic casing made from petroleum products, they’ve made it with corn. According to Inhabitat, the biopolymer is based on “the same polylactic acid (PLA) components that are becoming more common for biodegradable plastic beverage cups”.

The laptop has already been sold in Japan since 2006, but is now being considered for the US market. By itself, PLA is biodegradable and doesn’t yield dioxin when burnt or any other harmful gases. Although the material still requires a tiny amount of fossil fuel to allow it “house” a laptop for rigidity it still needs to be processed after the end use of the product to degrade safely.

With hopes that more products and MORE features of individual products are biodegradable and sustainable, technology from big companies like Fujitsu and Sony are definitely taking steps to adapt to being more ‘green’.

Biobased polymer reports - Fjuitsu (PDF)

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